Walter Technology has the combined experience of having worked in in product development in Australian manufacturing and electronics for over 22 years, providing solutions in a wide range of industries. Walter Technology is able to offer as much as you need to realize your product development goals. We have an extensive network of sources worldwide enabling us to quickly advise you on the best manufacturing solution for your needs.

About Walter Technology


Walter Technology is a mechanical engineering consultancy specialising in sourcing and designing precision mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic packaging solutions for the Australian technology industry.

With over 22 years experience in the electronics product development industry, Walter Technology has worked closely with designers and engineers in all areas of electronics, mechanical and packaging design, as well as manufacturing support and Asian sourcing.

...The added value?
Not only is the solution sourced by Walter Technology, but with years of experience in the electronics product development industry, Walter Technology can offer on-the-spot technical assistance to clients as they develop their product.

...How is Walter Technology different?
Walter Technology will always focus on sourcing components, manufacturing processes and solutions that are a little more specialised. Niche. Rather than supporting a huge range of off-the-shelf components, Walter Technology has in-depth knowledge of a specialised product range. When it comes to customised components & solutions, we can advise the customer in real time.

Check the products page for the specialised product services offered by Walter Technology

...Where does Walter Technology source from?
Since 2000, Walter Technology has sourced numerous custom designed components, electromechanics and electronic packaging solutions from Europe, Asia and the USA. We will continue to research in the major industrial and manufacturing hot spots throughout the world, in order to keep clients up-to-date with the latest trends.